Campus Style

Nicole Dawes and Rachel Ruby (communications)

Effortless style at McMaster University

What students are wearing in Hamilton, Ont.
Paul Lockhart, business at Acadia

Hip and comfortable at Acadia and Mount A.

Campus Style in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Jandell Nicholas (transitional program)

Standing out at the University of Toronto

Stylish students on Canada’s biggest campus

Wandering on Whyte Avenue

Campus style near the University of Alberta
Colin, Economics

Pretty in peacoats at Ottawa U.

Our newest campus fashion photos
Aisha, first-year Sociology and Communication Studies

International flair at Carleton U.

Our latest Campus Style photos
Dylan McGuire, MBA Finance

Prim and proper at the University of Toronto

Our latest student style photos
Brendan Daniel, fourth-year Biology

Pops of colour at Trent University

Photos from our Campus Style tour

Showing off at Ryerson University

Our latest campus fashion photos
Jalen Nelson, first-year English

Diverse dress at York University

See what students are wearing in T.O.