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Fentanyl at the click of a mouse

A Manitoba dealer who was caught after ordering fentanyl via the dark web shines a light on the drug’s supply chain

’I signed up to be a mailman, to deliver Christmas cards. Not fentanyl.’

Canada Post employees say job demands increase opioid risks

Opioid victims’ families want a simple change. Why won’t the Liberals act?

Closing a loophole could prevent fentanyl importers from using Canada Post. "It just seems like an extremely logical and easy thing to do."

The fentanyl risk for postal workers: health and safety is not a given

Postal workers’ union calls for safety measures to address possible exposure
RCMP Fentanyl China 20170918

For fentanyl importers, Canada Post is the shipping method of choice

Most fentanyl enters Canada via the mail, thanks to an antiquated law. Why hasn’t the government acted?
year diary 20181211

The Liberals’ disregard for workers’ rights

Tom Parkin: The Trudeau government ploughed over postal workers’ well-established charter right to strike. It’s been tried before and ends badly.
Package theft. (C. Schwindt)

These Amazon parcel thieves are stealing Christmas

Truck-stalking thieves are scooping gifts dropped at your door by UPS, FedEx and Canada Post, too. But online shoppers are fighting back.
Ride Along With A Canada Post Letter Carrier As Postal-Service Retreat Starts

A stalemate on pensions leaves workers in the lurch

Defined Benefit pensions may be a pipe dream rooted in the past, but governments and employers haven’t created a suitable alternative—and workers deserve better
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Canada Post work stoppage: The difference between a lockout and a strike

By now, Canadians know they might not be getting mail on Monday—but there’s some confusion about exactly why
Canada Post Strike 20160705

Google Trends tracks concern for Canada Post labour dispute

Canada Post says the threat of a work stoppage has had more impact on business than an actual stoppage