Canada Student Loans

Students drawing. (Dawson College)

What students should know about the federal budget

Money coach Janet Gray on changes coming to the Canada Student Grant and student tax credits
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Lawsuit filed over missing student loan information

Affected graduates unsatisfied with gov’t response

Professional at a steep price

It takes a lot of creativity to finance second degrees
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My Canada Student Loans wish list

The government needs to allow graduates to consolidate their debts
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UBC students heckle prime minister

Pearson speech from 1965 shows how much the issues facing higher education have changed and how much they’ve stayed the same
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Border? What border? along the 49th parallel

Some U.S. universities offer Canadians domestic tuition, but keep full fees for most out-of-state Americans
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Student loan activist says feds misuse term ’grace period’

Debt-ridden students are still on the hook for interest six months after graduation
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Deeper in debt

Students borrowing more, taking longer to repay; average student now borrows $5,631
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Profits vs. students’ interest

As long as the National Student Loan Service Centre is in a private company’s hands, don’t hope for improved service