Canada-U.S. relations

Will Biden and Trudeau have a longer stint of both being in power than they did in 2016? (Patrick Doyle/CP)

A Biden-Trudeau partnership will require real work

Paul Wells: Who knows what Trudeau and a President Biden could do together? The potential is real—not just for lowered tensions across our border, but for the two countries to work together around the world.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with US President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC on Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

Buy Alberta? Prepare for a civil war? What Americans think in the age of Trump.

A new poll of U.S. attitudes points to some surprising views about the border and America’s own troubled place in the world
Hon. Albert. No sooner had President Roosevelt’s promise of aid from the United States to Canada; sh

’Pass, friend’: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s words in Kingston, Ont., resonate today

Opinion: The mayor of Kingston on why we should take heed of the prescient president’s 1938 speech in the Ontario city, and what it said about Canada-U.S. relations
President Trump Departs White House En Route To Michigan And Tennessee

Coming soon, Donald Trump’s NAFTA demands

Canadians are waiting for Americans to show their hand with NAFTA renegotiations just weeks away

The five biggest issues in Canada-U.S. relations right now

From climate change to NAFTA, Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau have a lot to talk about over their respective terms in office

Camelot and Canada: When Diefenbaker met Kennedy

The U.S. president once said of the PM that he never wanted ‘to see that boring son of a bitch again’
Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz attends an Empire Club of Canada luncheon in Toronto

Stephen Poloz on ’a new balance point’

For the record: What the Bank of Canada governor said this morning in New York about global trade, productivity and economic Growth
Paul Wells

Trudeau gets his turn to recast the Canada-U.S. relationship

Paul Wells on what to watch in Washington
United States

Former ambassadors advice to PM: ’Don’t get involved in U.S. politics’

The ex-envoys’ counsel comes before Justin Trudeau is feted at the first state dinner for a visiting Canadian in 19 years
BorderCrossings02_kf_011502_Photo077045 This makeshift sign marks the border between Quebec and New

The juicy target of America’s culture of fear: Canada

A fearful America looks nervously at its northern border