Canadian Association of University Teachers

Professor Gary McCarron’s Communications 110 class

Ontario’s auditor general wrong on teaching

Prof. Pettigrew: student evaluations won’t help

Wente’s university prescription is misguided

Before judging, please consider what professors actually do
Queen’s University

Dear students: please be careful before alleging racism

Queen’s professor was unfairly relieved of his duties
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New Carleton U donor deal gets thumbs down

Canadian Association of University Teachers isn’t happy
Brandon University

How much should professors make?

In my opinion, they’re paid well enough already.
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CAUT to change investigations into religious schools

Targeted schools feel investigations were unnecessary to begin with
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Balsillie School violated ‘academic integrity’

CAUT says director dismissed over objections to private involvement in academic matters
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Your wages must freeze

Ontario pleads with universities to freeze wages
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We don’t want your postdoc fellowships

New Banting Fellowships are elitist, says CAUT