Canadian economy

A worker is seen smoothing concrete at a development prior to a news conference at a construction site in Toronto on Jan. 16, 2020. (Cole Burston/CP)

Canada needs crisis basic income now

Ken Boessenkool: An immediate, crisis basic income of $2,000, delivered through the tax system might just be what saves working Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic

How real estate feeds the Canadian economy

Real estate is more important to the Canadian economy than you think. Here’s why.

Economic uncertainty keeps Morneau’s spending in check

With economic growth fairly strong and unemployment at multi-decade lows, the federal government is looking for ways to keep momentum—without overheating.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Paul Wells in conversation at the Maclean's Live event at Ottawa's National Arts Centre on February 8, 2018

Maclean’s Live with Jagmeet Singh: Six key economic takeaways

The NDP leader on NAFTA, deficits, jobs and more

The good news (and bad) about Canada’s economy

With GDP and employment up, the present looks great. The future? Not so much.

And the biggest economic uncertainty for Canada under Trump is…

We asked economists and policy experts for what they think will be the biggest sources of economic uncertainty for Canada

Glenn Gould offers lessons for Apple, and Ottawa, on innovation

When it comes to innovation Glenn Gould wasn’t all that different from Steve Jobs, says a professor from Apple University who is lecturing in Toronto this week.

Stephen Poloz: ‘Plan for retirement with different assumptions’

For the record: Bank of Canada governor Stephen S. Poloz on the Canadian economy

How badly will the fires in Fort McMurray hit the economy?

While the short-term impact on Fort McMurray and Alberta will be deep and painful, the fires may also force a rethink of some oil sands operations

Justin Trudeau claims to be a fiscal conservative. He’s not.

The PM’s statements in praise of fiscal responsibility are dubious, considering his government’s first budget

Stephen Poloz on ‘a new balance point’

For the record: What the Bank of Canada governor said this morning in New York about global trade, productivity and economic Growth

Saks makes its big bet on Canada’s appetite for luxury

Marc Metrick, the president of Saks Fifth Avenue, on why the luxury retailer is targeting Canada