Canadian flag

Retired Flag Commemoration in Grande Prairie, Alberta on Thursday, February 13, 2020. (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

This Alberta town holds funerals for worn-out flags

Throwing a flag in the trash is frowned upon. Some people in Grande Prairie have taken it upon themselves to organize a proper burial each year for worn-out flags, complete with speeches and a lunch for guests.

A Remembrance Day garden of flags for the fallen

In front of Toronto’s Manulife building is a stunning array of 11,843 flags—each representing fallen Canadians
Stephen Harper

Waving the flag: How the Maple Leaf looms over the election

What can you expect when a party leader comes to your town? A massive Canada flag, for starters.

The secret graffiti on Parliament Hill

Hundreds of lucky Canadians have marked their visit to the top of the Peace Tower by signing their names. Why that shouldn’t make you freak out.

What it feels like to be the flag master on Parliament Hill

Have you ever considered what goes into looking after the flags that fly on Parliament Hill? Meet the man who has the special duty of changing the Canadian flag atop the Peace Tower each business day.
Israelis are silhouetted behind a Canadian flag at a rally to thank Canada’s PM Harper for his support of Israel during his visit at the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem

The remarkable speech and great debate that gave us our flag

Perhaps the finest hour of Lester B. Pearson’s premiership
Le pavillon du Canada et sa pyramide inversée, le Katimavik ( s

The Canadian flag: a cool ’60s design turns 50

But would we do it as well today?

The Quebec nationalist who designed Canada’s flag

Fifty years later, Jacques St-Cyr—who designed that single-leaf concept and now national icon—may finally get his due