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How physician assistants can help solve Canada’s health-care crisis

They can be a lifeline for patients and doctors alike. But right now, only 800 are certified in Canada.
Ontario Premier Doug Ford is flanked by Health Minister Christine Elliott as he answers questions following a meeting of all party leaders and health experts at the Ontario Legislature in Toronto on Mar. 11, 2020. (Frank Gunn/CP)

How labour policy in both Canada and the U.S. affects the spread of coronavirus

Danyaal Raza and Kate Hayman: At a time when social distancing is so critical, those with paid sick days reduce the spread of respiratory infections within communities

Health care cannot modernize unless health policy changes first

Bacchus Barua and Steven Globerman: A recent Ipsos survey states that Canadians are ready for technological advancement in health care, but there are significant barriers

What the Democrats’ ’Medicare for All’ plan could spur in Canada

Opinion: For some Americans, Canadian health care is a source of envy. But the ’Medicare for All’ plan shows that our system could use a shake-up, too
Time to chuck welfare?

Is it time to chuck welfare?

Fresh analysis of an old program shows that a guaranteed annual income kickstarts health
Stuck in the middle

What makes Canadians sick?

Ken MacQueen on the state of Canadian health care
When it comes to waiting, Canada is last in line

When it comes to waiting for health care, Canada is last in line

A major international survey says Canadians wait longer for health care
Boy Getting Injection

Pediatric pain

Canada is a leader in pain research. So why are kids suffering?
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Conflicting flu shot rules confuse B.C. heath-care workers

Mandatory immunization rules present a challenge