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Senate Expenses 20131028

How discrimination got in the way of the federal transgender rights bill

How transphobia got the last word in the battle over Bill C-279
David Johnston

The Supreme Court’s Senate decision is about more than the Senate

Prof. Adam Dodek says the Supreme Court’s Senate reference ruling is a clear, decisive guide to constitutional amendments

Must-read #longreads: Senator Mike Duffy, king of the Hill

Mike Duffy always wanted to be in the club. Now, he might bring the party to an end

The messy details of Senate reform

Paul Wells on C-7 and the political and legal storms bearing down on Ottawa
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Dear Senate, sign here and don’t worry

Is it any wonder Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin are in trouble? Just look at the paperwork.
Why the senate is the least of our concerns

Why Mike Duffy and the Senate are the least of our concerns

Colby Cosh on election fraud, voter suppression and robocalls
Abolish the Senate? Ingrates!

Liberal vs. Conservative in the Senate: Just like Survivor — sort of

Time for the Senate to fight back — Scott Feschuk has some ideas
David Johnston

Why the Senate should be abolished

In the face of patronage, scandal and futility, getting rid of the Senate is a better option than doing nothing at all
‘Contempt for the whole institution’

Canada’s Senate: Chamber of disrepute

After months of scandals, could it finally be time to scrap the Senate? John Geddes reports

At home with Maygan Sensenberger

On how she met Sen. Rod Zimmer, and their life post-scandal