Dear Mike Sloan: ’You were a teacher offering a great gift’

Scott Simmie tells Mike Sloan, a friend who wrote about his medically assisted death on Twitter as @mikelondoncan, that he changed people’s lives

Can cannabis treat cancer? Can cannabis cause cancer?

Research about pot’s therapeutic benefits is still inconclusive. Smoking it, like tobacco, has been linked to lung and oral cancers.

Are we winning the fight against cancer in women?

Overall, Canadian women are 13 per cent less likely to die from cancer now than two decades ago—but fatality rates for some types, like lung cancer, remain the same
Thalidomide capsules, c 1958-1962.

Thalidomide was a disaster. And it’s available in Canada again.

The former ’wonder drug’ led to miscarriages and babies with defects. Now it’s being repurposed—for cancer treatments

Ok guys, shave it off, Movember is over

The Movember fundraising campaign for prostate cancer has been happening since 2003, but are Canadian men feeling moustache fatigue?
Former Toronto Mayor and current city Councillor Ford arrives to show support for Canada’s Prime Minister Harper at a campaign rally in Etobicoke, a suburb of Toronto

The legacy and lunacy of Toronto’s notorious mayor

From 2016: He worked hard, and voters understood he’d been bruised by life — just like them
State of the Union

Is Obama’s plan to cure cancer a ’moonshot’? Or a ’Pluto-shot’?

Joe Biden is ’mission control’ in a fight to cure cancer once and for all. Anne Kingston on why that is a flawed enterprise.
Evan Leversage

The boy who moved Christmas

Evan Leversage wished for one more Christmas. The spirit of St. George made it so.
“Designer” immune cell therapy

Researchers herald a game-changer in cancer treatment

Toronto researchers were able to turn off thousands of genes one by one to pinpoint the cancer-causing ones—and overhaul the way science is done
Breyan Harris

The changing face of lung cancer: Young non-smokers

Lung cancer’s perception problem—that the deadly disease only really affects smokers—is harming us all