(Illustration by Pete Ryan)

It’s time to erase cannabis convictions

Cannabis was legalized nearly four years ago. Why are past convictions for simple possession only being pardoned?

A prescription for ending needless suffering

Why one Canadian company believes plants hold the secret to addressing chronic pain

BC Tweed Joint Venture on the outskirts of Vancouver B.C. in Delta and Aldergrove BC. (Jen Osborne/Redux)

Why legal pot was taking a hit in Canada, weeks before COVID-19 sent markets plunging

The gains cannabis companies were banking on in the lead-up to legalization of recreational sales in October 2018 have not materialized. So, what went sideways?

Scott Reid’s confession, and the dream of honesty in politics

Marie-Danielle Smith: The Tory MP is sorry he lied to me—and to Parliament. Let’s not waste his moment of truth.

The latest trend in cannabis: ‘hauter’ cuisine

Microdosing and terpene-pairing are about to give a whole new meaning to the high in ‘haute cuisine’

How not to legalize weed

Kate Robertson: The first year of cannabis legalization has been an utter disappointment for many of us who do consume cannabis

Puff luck: Provincial pot websites have hugely uneven supply and selection

Our survey of the sites found ridiculously irregular inventory across the country, reflecting problems in the market as a whole

Why the Liberals can’t get any political buzz out of legal weed

Legalization has brought jobs by the hundred to places that desperately need them. Yet many of those ridings are poised to vote Conservative.

Glass jar full of Cannabis Sativa

The beginner’s guide to opening a pot shop

The how-to you need to read before getting into cannabis retail

Conservatives should pitch radical changes to Liberals’ weed plan

Kate Robertson: The CannTrust scandal sheds light on leniencies granted to cannabis legal market offenders at the mercy of Canadian shareholders

Defending the demon weed to John Diefenbaker

John Robinson was a normal teenager with bold ideas on pot legalization. But he was from a troubled home, got hooked and eventually came to a breaking point.

Clearing pot charges from Canadians’ records would be a good start—but it’s not enough

Opinion: The Canadian government should explore reparations for people whose cannabis-related criminal offences have stopped them from fully participating in society