Kathleen Wynne

Kathleen Wynne’s attack on the Ontario PC carbon tax plan misleads voters

Opinion: Wynne is wrong when she claims the Conservative carbon tax plan will cost families more than cap and trade and do less to cut emissions
Kathleen Wynne

What if Ontario scrapped cap-and-trade for a carbon tax?

Opinion: Why a rising carbon tax that follows the federal benchmark rules and is fully revenue-neutral may be the best option for Ontario—and Canada
Justin Trudeau

It’s time for clarity on Canada’s climate and energy policy

The Liberals should admit that its commitment to carbon reduction is increasingly untenable, writes a former TransCanada exec
Kathleen Wynne

The cost of carbon pricing in Ontario and Alberta

Claims that carbon pricing will lead to skyrocketing price increases throughout the economy are misplaced at best—and misleading at worst
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Why the difference between taxing and trading carbon matters

There is a great deal of confusion among both supporters and opponents of carbon pricing about what it can and cannot do to reduce emissions

When tackling climate change, don’t wait for policy perfection

Soon three-quarters of Canadians will live in provinces that put a price on carbon. It’s time to move forward with smart policy in the rest
Canada’s Prime Minister Harper waits to be introduced backstage during a training session for Canadian observers for the upcoming elections in Ukraine, in Gatineau

Are we going to have a serious discussion about carbon pricing now?

Stephen Harper gives a shout out to Alberta’s price on carbon
Jim Prentice

Does Jim Prentice have a carbon policy to persuade Kathleen Wynne?

Or is the Alberta premier all hat and no cattle?
President Obama Visits Largest Photovoltaic Plant In U.S. In Nevada

Team Carbon Price

Barack Obama explains his support for pricing carbon