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Kenney and Moe speak during a press conference at the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show in Weyburn, Sask. on June 5, 2019 (CP/Michael Bell)

The reality of carbon prices sinks in

The provinces that resisted the federal plan will now have to chart a new path. But they already quietly understood what needs to be done.
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Canada’s new large-emitter pricing system might defeat the carbon tax’s own purpose

Opinion: Lost in the shouting over the Liberals’ carbon-tax rebate is an important change to the subsidies that high-emitting electricity generators will get
Justin Trudeau

Will household rebates really make Canadians warm to a carbon price?

Opinion: Despite assumptions that rebates would effectively buy Canadians’ support for a carbon tax, there’s no clear evidence that happened in B.C.

For world governments, climate leadership is a matter of morality

Opinion: Some say Canada’s emission levels don’t require onerous policies like carbon pricing. But that thinking ignores a key role of governments: setting norms
Scott Moe

Why Saskatchewan is still holding out on the feds’ climate plan

Opinion: Industry leaders and the rest of Canada have agreed to the Pan-Canadian climate framework. But Scott Moe—like Brad Wall—isn’t budging
Andrew Scheer

The conservative case for a carbon tax in Canada

Opinion: Instead of scoring cheap political points on Trudeau’s carbon tax, Conservatives need to get serious and offer their own alternative
Kathleen Wynne

What if Ontario scrapped cap-and-trade for a carbon tax?

Opinion: Why a rising carbon tax that follows the federal benchmark rules and is fully revenue-neutral may be the best option for Ontario—and Canada
Catherine McKenna

Why Canada’s carbon pricing plan should give money directly to Canadians

The federal government’s discussion paper on the so-called ’backstop’ remains unclear on what it will do with carbon revenues

What the pan-Canadian climate plan gets right

The agreement between Ottawa and all but two of the provinces is the result of negotiation and compromise—though two red flags remain
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Here’s how much carbon pricing will likely cost households

Economist Trevor Tombe on what putting a price on carbon emissions will mean for people across Canada, and what provinces can do to lessen the impact