Carleton University Students Association

99 bline

Students sick of being passed by buses

Wait for better transit to campus keeps getting longer
rick ross

Students debate funding of controversial rappers

Rick Ross gets cancelled but Tyga performs
Reading A Newspaper By A Wall

The Lance stops printing, Rick Ross & law school

What students are talking about today (April 8th)

Carleton should keep the Canadian Federation of Students

It’s imperfect, but successfully fights oppression and tuition
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Phalluses on ballots at Carleton, a racist party & Capoeira

What students are talking about today (February 7th)
law school

Law school applicants, two-tier athletics & Arun Smith

What students are talking about today (February 4th)

Waldorf closes, the Mad Minute & Carleton discrimination

What students are talking about today (January 11th)
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CUSA to consider Israeli boycott

Motion would call on Carleton to develop ’Socially Responsible Investment’ policy

Playing favourites with ideology

Carleton student union upholds decision to ban anti-abortion group
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Money, not free speech, at issue in Carleton pro-life dispute

Carleton students shouldn’t be forced to pay for a group they don’t support