Catherine McKenna


Catherine McKenna’s video showed emotion—so what?

Prajakta Dhopade: Some people found McKenna’s tearful ode to her children ’uncomfortable.’ I believe it showed strength.

Why would anyone hate Catherine McKenna?

As the face of the climate change file, McKenna has endured a torrent of vile abuse. Behind it is a powder keg of anxiety, resentment, and a lot of anger.

Our children do deserve better

Andray Domise: Politicians have turned climate change into a spectacle, distracting average citizens from the hard truth that is—climate policy needs to change now

The Liberals review Andrew Scheer’s climate plan. Spoiler: They don’t like it.

Paul Wells: Ministers have been eagerly pre-butting Scheer’s credibility. Not that their own party has much to brag about.
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Canadian politics in 2018: The year in 12 chapters

Ill-advised costume changes, a high-stakes pipeline purchase, populist politics, a presidential Twitter tirade, and more from a packed political year
(Photograph by James Park)

Catherine McKenney, Catherine McKenna and Ottawa’s struggle to tell them apart

Downtown Ottawa voters elected McKenney to city hall in 2014, and McKenna to the House of Commons in 2015. They both ride bikes to work. It can get confusing.
Catherine McKenna

Nobody should believe Canadian politicians who promise to fight climate change

Paul Wells: Most governments routinely blow their emissions reduction targets, punting solutions down the road. Why should anyone expect that to change?
Left to right: Bardish Chagger, Karen Vecchio, Nikki Ashton, Patty Hajdu, Catherine McKenna, Marilyn Gladu, and Elizabeth May. (Photograph by Jessica Deeks)

Sexual harassment has long festered on the Hill. Now, female MPs from all parties are saying ‘enough’

From cabinet ministers to volunteers, dozens of women say sexual harassment and violence on Parliament Hill have gone unchecked for too long
Catherine McKenna

Trudeau and resource projects: the urge to get it done

Both Harper and Trudeau declared building pipelines to be in the ’national interest’ yet so far they’ve come up short
Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna takes part in a news conference during the First Ministersí meeting in Ottawa

On ’Climate Barbie,’ and the plight of the Man Un-Laughed-With

Tabatha Southey pours one out for the men who relish cheap, crass jokes at the expense of women—which are now being met with silence