Cathy McLeod

Photo Gallery: The Speaker’s Robbie Burns Dinner

Mitchel Raphael takes in the Speaker’s second annual celebration of the Scottish bard


Cathy McLeod insists on the presence of water fowl

Via Twitter, Conservative MP Cathy McLeod responds to my post about her understanding of cap-and-trade.


Cathy McLeod thinks she sees a duck

Conservative MP Cathy McLeod tries to explain how you know when a cap-and-trade system is actually a carbon tax.


The Conservative divide on Motion 312

Conservative MP Cathy McLeod says she’ll vote against Motion 312. Harold Albrecht says he’ll vote in favour, while Gary Goodyear and Peter Braid explain why they’ll vote no.


The austerity that dare not speak its name

The Finance Minister might be ready to cut some departmental budgets by more than 10%, but he’s not ready to say this has anything to do with “austerity.”


Who’s entitled to Old Age Security?

In light of a short-lived NDP motion on Old Age Security eligibility, Kevin Milligan reviews the practical principles at play.

Jack Layton 1950-2011

The NDP leader passed away at his home early this morning

Conservatives and the men in blue

The Conservatives’ Law Enforcement Officers Caucus held a special reception for the Canadian Police Association while they were in town. Below is caucus chair Shelly Glover.


Fighting for more women in politics and the “mystery MP”

Equal Voice, an organization dedicated to getting more women elected, held a reception at The Métropolitain Brasserie & Restaurant. Below, Helena Guergis, Minister of State for the Status of Women.


Cathy McLeod Maverick Watch

The rookie Conservative objects to the new Conservative ad campaign.


Apropos of nothing

Excluding those born outside Canada, the following Conservative MPs have lived, studied or worked outside the country.