Vigil for Quebec terror attack victims

Fighting radicalism with research

Researchers at CEFIR hope to prevent fanatical attitudes from manifesting unchecked
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Quebec’s Maple Spring sees late-summer thaw

Votes piling up to end strikes
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"Nothing to do with tuition": finance minister

Quebec ministers signal tougher stance on protests
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Quebec strikers may cross point of no return

Student groups reject gov’t offers as deadline approaches
1625 tuition increase

At least 41 arrests in Montreal protests

Thousands of students on strike
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Does Quebec’s exam rewrite history?

Anglo students must not consider Bill 101 when writing test
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Overcrowding at CEGEPs continues

Parents call province to lift enrolment caps
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Montreal school boards could offer grade 12

Extra year could help relieve overcrowding in CEGEP system

Say that in English, please.

Quebec teachers’ union says English CEGEPs are having a ’negative’ impact on French
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Not just dollars and cents

Why Quebec’s low tuition hasn’t led to high university enrolment