The Markles aren’t a mess, they’re a mirror

Scott Gilmore: Any family put on the royal pedestal would be found wanting. The truth is, the Markles are actually very average—they are us.

Our expectations of celebrities have changed. Can stars keep up?

Opinion: Award shows like the Oscars have become focal points for our instinct to seek moral leadership from celebs. But that’s backwards thinking.

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He shot everyone, from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles. The prolific photographer looks back on a different era in photography

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Considering the link between mass killings and celebrities
bieber and bdj

What students are talking about today (November 15th edition)

Bieber in Maclean’s, Rihanna in Toronto & the Middle East


Can celebrities make economic policy sexy?
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The incredible hunk

Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney? Milquetoast. The hottest actor on the planet is Javier Bardem.
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Mitchel Raphael on the Tory who helped Helena Guergis

Ignatieff on his eyebrows, Jann Arden’s ’apology’, and Foote in mouth
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Ready to wrap

Gifts we’d give to the most memorable personalities of the year