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How censorship became deadly during the First World War

Opinion: If censorship of the media and controversial ideas hadn’t prevented Canadians from understanding the Great War, history could have gone differently
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Why ’trigger warning’ policies miss the mark

It’s good to warn of painful material but let teachers decide when
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No sex in the iTunes App Store (please visit our bookstore)

A strange decision that looks like censorship

Britain’s daft plan to block porn is no example for Canada

Jesse Brown explains the problem with content filters
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Universities shouldn’t censor satire of Islam

Sensitivity only reinforces stereotype of Muslims as violent
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Must-see TV, or mandatory diversity?

Emma Teitel on TV’s modern censorship crusaders
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Chinese artist Ai Weiwei releases Gangnam Style parody

Political dissident the latest to adopt Psy’s signature style
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Carleton, Khomeini, and free speech

University defends controversial campus conference

8 Canadian books people have sought to ban in Canada

Over the decades people have sought to ban numerous books by Canadian authors
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Twitter is censoring–but don’t rush to judge

The company may have found a new and better way to deal with authoritarian countries