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Why Indigenous children are overrepresented in Canada’s foster care system

The 2016 census revealed that Indigenous children still make up about half of children in Canada’s foster care system.
Filling out the 2016 Canadian census. (Photograph by Liz Sullivan).

The census is back with a swagger

The best advertisement for the long-form version may have been its demise. Cue an early stampede of responses.
Kevin Milligan

Why it’s not enough to simply restore the long-form census

Bringing back the long-form census was the easy part. If this government is serious about data, there is a lot more it should do.
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Something of a compromise on the census?

The long-form census isn’t coming back, but the short-form census might be more useful
Census NHS 20130502

Two days to save the long-form census

Ted Hsu: ’The fight over this bill is a fight over the soul of this country’
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’This is simply ridiculous’: The census and Audrey Tobias

The National Household Survey is panned again
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Why are we threatening this nice old lady with prison?

’Should the federal government face the same courts for killing the long-form census?’
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What the National Household Survey can’t tell us

More questions about data reliability
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The continuing tyranny of collective self-government

Note: You can still go to jail for not filling out the census
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The Clement caveat

A new release from the National Household Survey