Centennial College

Bird’s Eye View of the Main Hanger. (Photograph by Brendan George Ko)

Centennial College’s answer to Canada’s shortage of aviation workers

The college’s Centre for Aerospace and Aviation at Downsview Park is an ambitious bet on Canada’s aerospace sector
Centennial College Friendly Housemates Program

Centennial students live rent-free with intellectually delayed adults

Bringing together intellectually disabled people who need good roommates and students who need cheap rent
Kaitlyn Hoiles. (WorldSkills International)

Skills Canada: The Olympics for trades students

College students from around the world compete for medals, which shine on the resumes of these Canadian winners
Girl selfie. (www.kidsmediacentre.com)

Centennial’s kidsmediacentre explores selfie culture

One college looks at the moral implications of social media, and gives students research skills
stressed woman money house

Tuition now payable by points

Aeroplan miles can be used at UNB and Centennial College
drake shoppers clip 1

McGill called ’too white,’ Drake & an illegal rooming house

What students are talking about today (February 11th)

Teens who launched LEGO-man into space talk university

Think they’ll both take engineering? Wrong.
Missing image

College backtracks after telling students to dropout

A delay in criminal record checks left Humber College nursing students unsure if they could take a clinical placement
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College presidents: gaining on their more highly paid university peers

The pay of college executives still trails that of universities, but they’re catching up
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Centential College hosts ’dirty bomb’ mass casualty exercise

100 bloodied, screaming students put emergency staff to the test this weekend