CFB Trenton

Myriam Larouche finally gets her Tim Hortons double double after leaving quarantine at CFB Trenton (Myriam Larouche)

’We went through something unique and scary together’: Leaving coronavirus quarantine

Canadian student and Wuhan evacuee Myriam Larouche reflects on her 14 days under quarantine at CFB Trenton

’I don’t want to stay another 10 days’: Life in Canada under coronavirus quarantine

Myriam Larouche, Canadian student and Wuhan evacuee, discusses 10 days in quarantine at CFB Trenton

’My room is sanitized daily by people in hazmat suits’: Life in Canada under coronavirus quarantine

Canadian student Myriam Larouche talks about her daily routine on CFB Trenton, while she’s under quarantine

’It felt like the end of the world’: From Wuhan to Canada in coronavirus quarantine

Canadian student Myriam Larouche recalls her journey from Wuhan, China, the epicentre of novel coronavirus, to 14 days of quarantine in Trenton, Ont.

CFB Trenton rolls out the khaki carpet for refugees

At Canadian Forces Base Trenton, soldiers and workers busily prepare for their guests: 950 Syrian refugees
Frank Meyers

Canadians join 85-year-old Frank Meyers in battle to save farm

But is all the attention too little, too late?
Frank Meyers

The last man standing

After years of fighting to keep his home, Frank Meyers has no choice but to bend to the government’s will
Her only crime was trusting him

Maclean’s exclusive: Russell Williams offers a defence

As the lawsuits against him pile up, the ex-colonel says he should not be forced to pay at least one of his victims

A farmer’s final stand

Frank Meyers and his family beg the federal government not to build a Special Forces training ground on their historic land
Williams cottage

Russell Williams’s double life

EXCLUSIVE: New documents reveal just how seamlessly he could transform from standout officer to serial murderer