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Should we break up the tech giants?

Timothy Wu says Facebook’s huge corporate scale may well make it a threat to democracy

What the NDP’s ethics critic is not liking about Facebook’s role in Ottawa

At the House of Commons ethics committee and in an interview with Maclean’s, Charlie Angus questioned Facebook’s political ties in Ottawa and lack of lobbying registration
Jagmeet Singh

The NDP falls back in line behind a ’mature’ Jagmeet Singh

Party stalwart Charlie Angus says the NDP leader’s reversal on punishing an NDP MP has calmed the waters within his caucus
Charlie Angus, Guy Caron, Jagmeet Singh

Free advice to the NDP: Measure twice, cut once

Paul Wells: The NDP was headed toward a possible leadership putsch on Tuesday. It’s time for the party to start asking: does it have a plan?
Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh wins leadership of the federal NDP

With a decisive victory, Singh becomes the first person of colour to lead a federal political party in Canada
Guy Caron, Charlie Angus, Jagmeet Singh, Niki Ashton

The NDP looks for a winner, mostly avoids divisive debate

When the party dumped Tom Mulcair, it seemed hungry for a sharp left turn. But the race to replace him has been more cautious

Michael Chong handles the hecklers: Ottawa Power Rankings

Who’s up in the nation’s capital? A pair of leadership hopefuls in two parties. Who’s down? Liberals looking to become MPs.

Andrew Leslie and Charlie Angus on the rise: Ottawa Power Rankings

And we can’t forget about Kevin O’Leary, who made some news this week in the nation’s capital

Charlie Angus comes in from the cold

Charlie Angus might be NDP leader. He’s also been a punk rocker, homeless advocate and Aboriginal rights activist.
Charlie Angus; Carolyn Bennett; Bruce Shisheesh; Rebecca Hookimaw; Stepanie Hookimaw

’Communities like Attawapiskat need more than short-term fixes’

For the record: A statement from Carolyn Bennett and Charlie Angus after their visit to Attawapiskat