Charter of Rights

year diary 20181211

The Liberals’ disregard for workers’ rights

Tom Parkin: The Trudeau government ploughed over postal workers’ well-established charter right to strike. It’s been tried before and ends badly.

Jody Wilson-Raybould: My vision for the future of the Charter

Opinion: As the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms turns 36, Canada’s Justice Minister says there’s plenty of work still to do—especially on Indigenous rights

Justin Trudeau should read the Charter of Rights

Stephen Maher: The Liberals are choosing to play politics with summer camp funding, and taking a stupid legal risk in the process
Supreme Court of Canada

The Supreme Court is culpable in the Omar Khadr case

The Harper government is guilty of stonewalling-- but that’s largely because the Court allowed it
Que Student Protests 20120522

How did the student standoff come to this?

Emmett Macfarlane on the sorry state of policy debate
Que Student Protests 20120515

How Quebec’s back-to-school bill fails

Political scientist Emmett Macfarlane weighs in
Que Student Protests 20120515

Quebec’s protest crackdown: It’s not just rights that make it wrong

The problem up until now has been a lack of enforcement, not a lack of legislation
Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper’s Spite of Charter, 30th-anniversary edition

The prime minister is hardly trash-talking the constitution here