Chris Hadfield

(Illustration by Dominic Bugatto)

The crime novel second acts of Chris Hadfield and Beverley McLachlin

This fall is a season for new or newly announced crime novels penned by people famous in other fields

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses Canadians on the COVID-19 pandemic from Rideau Cottage in Ottawa on Friday, April 17, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Trudeau’s daily coronavirus briefing: Canada and the U.S. agree to extend border measures another 30 days

In his April 18 briefing to Canadians about the COVID-19 crisis, the PM also announced a new funding initiative for Indigenous businesses

Talking books with Col. Hadfield

Since returning to Earth, Col. Chris Hadfield has become one of Canada’s most widely read authors. He talks to Maclean’s about why he’s now promoting literacy.

Chris Hadfield’s musical mission takes Danny Michel to the Arctic

Talk about an icebreaker: The Canadian singer-songwriter joined the spaceman for a remarkable trip on a Russian ship, where he recorded a new album

Are moustaches must-haves for spacemen?

Despite Chris Hadfield’s iconic one, maybe not. We did a statistical analysis of all the moustaches in space and identify the best one of all

‘Here I am.’ The story of a stunning shot in the dark

How an amateur photographer captured an elusive shot of the International Space Station against the Moon

Introducing the Maclean’s Space issue—edited by Chris Hadfield

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield reveals the cover he chose for the Maclean’s Space issue that he guest-edited, out now

Chris Hadfield: ‘So, where to next?’

Space travel has let us see the entire world with unprecedented clarity, writes Col. Chris Hadfield. Now we just need to pick our next destination.

Question and Astronaut: Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield on his spacewalk and his celebrity status, part of our series in conversation with the Canadians who were once in space, or soon will be

Chris Hadfield sings us a ‘Space Lullaby’

Col. Chris Hadfield, who guest edited our Space issue, sings a song he wrote for his daughter

The Maclean’s Space Issue: Choose your favourite cover

Col. Chris Hadfield—the guest editor of our special space issue—picked this week’s cover. See if your choice matches what the spaceman chose

Listen to an exclusive song off Chris Hadfield’s new album

The exclusive world premiere of the first single of Col. Chris Hadfield’s album, which was recorded in space