Chris Turner

Why oil sands protesters and companies both get it wrong

With his book The Patch, environmental writer Chris Turner makes a plea for realism in the noisy, misguided proxy war over pipelines

The Maclean’s Politics book club, Part Two

Paul Wells, Susan Delacourt, Brad Lavigne and Chris Turner on the year in politics

Maclean’s Politics: Four authors on their books and Canadian politics

Paul Wells, Susan Delacourt, Chris Turner and Brad Lavigne on the year in politics and political books

The politics of science

An NDP MP sets out some principles

Hehr piece: Fallout from the Calgary-Centre federal byelection

‘The Liberals and the NDP are zombie brands,’ writes Colby Cosh


Chris Turner on Calgary Centre and vote-splitting

The Green candidate in the Calgary Centre byelection finds lessons in the result.

Calgary Centre post-mortem

Colby Cosh looks at the Green Party surge and how Trudeau’s remarks affected the Liberals


Byelection brouhaha: Calgary Centre, Durham and Victoria

Aaron Wherry’s by-election play by play


The state of play in Calgary Centre

A new poll, this time from Return on Insight, gives the Conservatives a five-point lead over the Liberals in Calgary Centre.


Will David McGuinty matter in Calgary Centre?

Maybe. Somehow. Perhaps it’ll actually end up helping the Green candidate.

Is it possible to manipulate a poll?

Dave Climenhaga suggests the Greens are trying to game the polls in Calgary Centre.