Cindor Reeves

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Deported refugee fears for his life in Liberia

Removed from Canada, Cindor Reeves worried that Liberian assassins would try to kill him. They are.

Refuge for Cindor Reeves

Why the brother-in-law of a former Liberian president was granted immigration status in the Netherlands
Sierra Leone Taylor

Charles Taylor and the tarnished pursuit of justice

When old Nazi collaborators are found here, our government responds. Not so when an alleged African war criminal is discovered

The government’s case against Cindor Reeves stinks

4,000 pages of documents confirm Ottawa has no dirt on him

Update on Cindor Reeves

The brother-in-law former Liberian warlord and president Charles Taylor may be deported shortly
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You can’t govern a country 140 characters at a time

Once upon a time, governments consulted with those affected, commissioned reports and weighed their options