Shrum Bowl

UBC says no to the NCAA

After three-year consultation process, UBC decides to stay in the CIS
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UBC could finally be joining the NCAA

Joining American league would bring higher quality sports, permit full-ride scholarships.
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Simon Fraser prepares for first year in the NCAA

University teams will be representing Canada when competing down south
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Is there a really a steroid problem in university sport?

In light of more positive steroid results, CIS will triple the number of football players tested
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UBC not joining the NCAA -- yet

Plan to become the first Canadian university in the main U.S. college sports league is delayed for at least a year
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New Brunswick defeats Western Ontario 4-2 in hockey final

CIS most valuable player MacIntosh scores three goals to win University Cup
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SFU and Concordia atheletes recognized by CIS

Wrestlers named "athlete of the week"
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McGill welcomes women’s hockey challenge from rival Montreal

McGill hopes creation of new team will lead to others
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Canada eyes World University Games

Edmonton to duke it out with Montreal over Canadian sporting event bid