City of Toronto

Clockwise from bottom left: Liz Ikiriko, Karina Vernon, Máiri McKenna Edwards, Kara Stewart-Agostino, and Melanie Carrington. (Photograph by Gillian Mapp)

’I don’t care whether All Lives Matter is said in ignorance—it’s just another example of racism’

Five Black women on their experiences of systemic racism within neighbourhoods across Canada
The Sunnybrook Plaza under construction in April 1952 at Bayview and Eglinton in Toronto (James Victor/Courtesy of Toronto Public Library)

The end of Toronto’s first strip mall

To live in Toronto is, increasingly, to mourn places, including spots like Sunnybrook Plaza. For locals, these places become imbued with all kinds of personal memories and nostalgia.
A few of the young kits at Woodbine Beach in Toronto; when passersby began taking selfies with the animals, a local wildlife centre intervened (Richard Lautens/Toronto Star/Getty Images)

The tale of Toronto’s boardwalk foxes

Stories of wildlife spreading out into human spaces were common during the unprecedented global coronavirus lockdown. Here’s what happens when the humans come back.

Can’t I be a parent—and a politician?

Joe Cressy: In September, I’ll be the first person ever to utilize the City of Toronto’s new parental leave program for city councillors. But for some people, my decision hasn’t been well-received.

The municipal ’innovation’ hustle

John Lorinc: What will Torontonians get from the Civic Innovation Office in 2020? Or is ’innovation’ just another buzz word?
BKN Raptors Parade 20190617

Police searching for suspect after shooting at Raptors parade that injured four people

Three people were arrested and charged with firearm-related offences following the incident, police say
Yonge and Finch

Toronto van attack: 10 pedestrians dead, 15 injured near Yonge and Finch

The driver is in custody and police say they have mobilized "all available resources’’ as they investigate the incident
Rob Ford

Rob Ford staffer responds to sensational Vice story; says emails are a hoax

Amin Massoudi wants to know if his city email account was ’spoofed’
Sammy Mullally

The debate about safe-injection sites

Amanda Shendruk considers the players and concerns
Back Campus from

Toronto votes against heritage designation for grass

Artificial turf to be revisited in 10 years