civil liberties

Montreal police ready to intervene at a protest against the return of the eight o'clock curfew in Montreal on April 18, 2021 (Mario Beauregard/CP)

Federal election 2021: The case for anger

Justin Ling: There are so many good reasons to be mad at our politicians who have abandoned their posts over the last year rather than defend the Charter and civil liberties

The best type of COVID-19 surveillance is the sort that’s right in your face

We must be constantly aware of which hard-won liberties we’ve surrendered to government. That way we’ll remember to take them back.
Carleton Lifeline

University of Victoria sued over pro-life censorship

BC Civil Liberties Association defends club’s free speech
A government that’s all ears

U.S. surveillance and a government that’s all ears

A surprisingly large number of Republicans are calling for a stop to Washington’s eavesdropping
Lorna Pardy

The Boissoin human-rights case—10 years in

As a piece of comedy, the Red Deer preacher’s letter to the ’Advocate’ has held up surprisingly well
drug tests

College makes drug tests mandatory

Students fight back with class-action lawsuit
You can't do that here

You can’t do that in San Francisco

In San Francisco, bans are a way of life
Did torture help the U.S. find bin laden?

Did torture help the U.S. find bin Laden?

The terrorist’s death sparks a debate over interrogation tactics

Byron Sonne gets bail. Finally.

Who’s going to explain why he spent nearly a year behind bars?