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MOZART IN THE JUNGLE, l-r: Peter Vack, Lola Kirke in ‘Fifth Chair’ (Season 1, Episode 2, aired

Mozart in the Jungle brings the sex, drugs and oboes

But is the Amazon series any good for classical music?

Can a man from Montreal save the Philadelphia Orchestra?

Paul Wells on Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the Montreal star who has become one of classical music’s leading forces

Music to Putin’s ears

Russian classical musicians have supported Putin’s Crimean invasion, but risk audience backlash

In China with the NAC Orchestra

On tour in a country where classical music isn’t as beloved as suggested, but studying Strauss is the ticket to a good school
‘The stupidest operas ever’

‘The stupidest operas ever’

His music is among classical’s best known, and best loved. Still, Verdi can’t seem to get our respect.
No pipe dream for organists

No pipe dream for organists

A new wave of young musicians is promoting the pipe organ—no hymns, no religious baggage
Getting fresh with classical music

Fifty Shades of Grey gets in on with classical music

10 did it for Boléro, now Fifty Shades is giving a 16th-century composition a bounce
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Canadian classical prodigy Jan Lisiecki releases his first album

The 17-year-old virtuoso, signed with one of the oldest classical labels, sticks with the tried and true
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Symphony orchestras go DIY

Without major label contracts, classical groups have to record themselves
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Mozart vs. the thugs

Classical tunes signal to thugs that they don’t belong in a given environment