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Quebec’s proposed secularism law is repugnant. Here are six reasons why.

Michael Coren: Faith should never guarantee a place in the public square, but nor should it disqualify someone, anyone, from participation

Quebec’s very, very quiet revolution

Paul Wells: A victory by the upstart CAQ could mark a historic shift in Quebec. Just don’t expect any radical changes.
Ont NDP Announcement 20180317

’Change’ or just more of the same? It’s campaign slogan déjà vu.

QUIZ: The Ontario NDP is offering ’change for the better’. They’re not the first. Match these campaign taglines to the leader and election.
Failure to launch once a threat to the provincial liberals, the CAQ has stumbled badly.

A short history of scapegoating Muslims in Quebec

The Coalition Avenir Québec’s new ad features a warning and Muslim woman in a chador. It’s a familiar gambit in Quebec politics.

Editorial: Federal leaders must act—the fight for Canada is on

If the party leaders do not succeed in making unselfish co-operation a positively sacred principle, the future of Confederation is not safe
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PQ has lost monopoly over sovereignty

Québec Solidaire and Option Nationale won an amount of votes equal to 25 per cent of the PQ vote
A shocking night

The future of Quebec and Canada: all bets are off

Paul Wells and Martin Patriquin take us inside a dramatic campaign with a terrifying finish
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Quebec political leader ridiculed for stereotyping

Students should work harder, like Asians: Francois Legault
The not-so-predictable Duchesneau effect

The not-so-predictable Duchesneau effect

Which way will Quebec voters stampede?