Jagmeet Singh’s minority government calculus

Tom Parkin: The NDP leader said he’d never prop up a Conservative government. It was the right thing to do—and a play that will strengthen his hand.

Is it too soon to play Ontario coalition game theory? It’s never too soon!

Paul Wells: Will there be a ‘backroom deal’ between the Ontario Liberals and NDP? Why it’s so tempting—and misguided—to speculate.

BC NDP leader John Horgan; BC Liberal leader Christy Clark; BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver

The next few days in B.C. politics will be strange and fun

B.C. election 2017 was a cliffhanger, leaving us with no idea who will form government. But we know it’s going to be different.

Why Stephen Harper is mum on coalitions

Paul Wells asks the Prime Minister about something yet to be discussed on the Conservative campaign

Who’s afraid of a coalition?

The Tories should be. Why the party isn’t as ready to raise the spectre of an NDP-Liberal alliance as in past elections.

The Election Projection Rorschach Test

The seat projection as an election inkblot

Let’s handicap the federal election—in all its infinite possibilities

Aaron Wherry on what it actually means to “win” an election

In this new crisis, the faint echo of a previous crisis

From the coalition crisis of 2008 to the Senate crisis of 2013


Harper on India

The Prime Minister considers the political situation in New Delhi.


Trudeau not for merging

Justin Trudeau apparently isn’t interested in a merger with the NDP.


To 2015 and beyond

Greg Fingas catches the apparent arrival of nuance to Thomas Mulcair’s views on coalition government. Last month, a possible coalition with Liberals was categorically out of the question. Yesterday, in an interview with CTV’s Question Period, Mr. Mulcair committed only to fielding 338 candidates and running to form a majority government. “Anything beyond that,” he said, “is pure speculation.”


Where does Thomas Mulcair stand?

Mr. Mulcair has talked about the need to “renew” and “modernize” the NDP, but much of what he has had to say about said change has involved nothing more than the party’s rhetoric and what he has proposed in terms of policy seems uncontroversial in the NDP context.