Coen brothers


2013 at the movies: the year of the jerk

From The Wolf of Wall Street to Nebraska, moviegoers this year were surrounded by the most vile people ever imagined
So long, Hollywood

Why Cannes is a world away from Hollywood

Spielberg may be heading the festival’s jury, but the A-list stars, and the action, are very far from L.A.
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

The Coen brothers unplugged

Portrait of a failed folkie lights up Cannes

What to watch for in Cannes

Brian D. Johnson’s first dispatch from the French Riviera
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Big directors turn to the small screen

Money is plentiful and dramas are provocative—on TV
Granny with a gun

Meet Aminta Granera, Nicaragua’s 60 year-old police chief

The five-foot-tall chief cuts a striking a figure in a region rocked by drug violence and gang fighting
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Unforgettable goal, unforgettable friend, The pride of the ’Peg and If you’re Canadian, say ‘I do’
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Instead of a year-end list of my own

COLBY COSH dismisses the National Board of Review’s Top 10 Movies of 2009—none of which he’s seen