Liberica coffee beans; LeClair’s roast gives a sweet and jackfruity brew, with hints of almond (Photograph by Carey Shaw)

This Saskatoon man is selling two rare species of coffee. Experts say he’s on to something.

You’re likely familiar with arabica and robusta. But have you ever tried Liberica? Jeremy LeClair’s pandemic pivot might be coming at just the right time for the specialty coffee crowd.
Coffee taste test: Tim Hortons vs McDonald’s

What’s the best coffee loyalty card in Canada?

Comparing Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Starbucks and other leading chains. Here’s who deserves your loyalty.
Coffee taste test: Tim Hortons vs McDonald’s

Coffee Taste Test: Tim Hortons vs. McDonald’s

Think you could tell the difference between Tim Hortons and McDonald’s coffee? Over 15,000 people voted for the best chain coffee in Canada using Maclean’s Coffee Ranker, and McDonald’s ranked no.1, ousting Tim Hortons from the top spot. But can people really taste the difference? We put it to the test.

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The K-Cup backlash has prompted the disposable coffee system’s inventor to change his tune
Coffee and butter. Photograph by Maya Visnyei.

A Bulletproof coffee, with extra butter

Something far odder than taste is driving demand for glorious grass-fed butter
A customer buys coffee and Timbits at a Tim Hortons coffee outlet at the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary

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It’s definitely time to reenergize Tim Hortons. But where to start?

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As patents expire, companies are desperate to reclaim their monopoly on your pricey morning brew
Tim Hortons New Coffee 20150401

Tim Hortons’ double dribble

From the archives: Why is Tim Hortons sitting out the race to build a better lid?