Colin Firth

The Devil’s Knot 445×290

There’s no unravelling this ’Devil’s Knot’

Atom Egoyan tiptoes around the mystery of the West Memphis Three
FILE PHOTO:  Biopic Roles Traditionally Lead As Award Season Begins With Golden Globe And SAG Nominations

TIFF 2012: Here comes King George VI again

Queen Elizabeth’s dad is portrayed in film again this year in ’Hyde Park on the Hudson," starring Bill Murray
Newsmakers: May 5-12, 2011

Newsmakers: May 5-12, 2011

Donald Trump gets sued, Rita Chretien is found alive, and Don Cherry is angry about something again
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Cringing, while waiting for my fantasy lover

Best Actor Colin Firth didn’t disappoint. He gave an amusing, literate acceptance speech.

An Oscar coronation for ’The King’s Speech’

Franco flops, while Hathaway puts a happy face on a train wreck at the ’young, hip,’ atrophied Oscars
Kings spech

Oscar crowns ’King’s Speech’, annoints Quebec’s ’Incendies’

In second place, ’True Grit’ edges out ’Social Network’ with 10 nominations

’Social Network’ rules, but Colin and Natalie are prom king and queen

Fincher and Sorkin friend Zuckerberg; Giamatti thanks "the great nation of Canada"
Colin Firth

’The King’s Speech’ tops Golden Globes

Non-fiction dramas of a royal, a geek and a boxer lead the field, but what’s up with ’Burlesque’ and ’The Tourist’?
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Going up against Hitler, with a stutter

Oscar favourite Colin Firth excels as a stammering royal who has to inspire a nation

TIFF triggers Oscar buzz for ’The King’s Speech’

A period drama about British royalty was voted most popular picture at TIFF