Colleges Guide 2021

An instructor showing how to vaccinate a patient at Red River College (Photograph by Skye Spence)

This college created a vaccination administration course in just two weeks

Red River College exemplified the pivotal role colleges have played in the pandemic response, training people in highly specific tasks for which there was overwhelming demand
Shelsea Hill (Courtesy of John Crcek)

What it takes to become an underwater welder

In a trades program, Shelsea Hill discovered a love of welding. Then she found out she could do it underwater.
Illustration by Sam Island

Going to college? The best advice for new students

Here’s a crash course in choosing from 10,000 college programs, staying on top of your work, finding financial support, getting help when you need it—and having fun and making friends
(Courtesy of Coast Mountain College)

What Canadian college students can expect during another pandemic school year

This fall marks the return of student life on campus, but not everything will snap back to pre-COVID times. Hybrid models offer the option of online learning, and backup plans are in place in case numbers shoot up again.
Taylor Barlett (Photograph by Ebti Nabag)

Heading to the library—in your bedroom: How students are studying from home

How Canadian college students plan to hunker down and focus with their home-study set-ups
Stewart, a Bow Valley College nursing student, completing her lab exercises at home in June (Photograph by Candice Ward)

How these college programs retooled in the middle of a global pandemic

Video games, nursing scrubs at home, cardboard goggles and virtual welding. Ingenuity and improvisation allow students to train hands-on from a distance.
Aidan D’Souza, a Seneca College student and mentor. (Photograph by Erik Putz)

What it was like growing up at college

Aidan D’Souza has been ‘going to’ Seneca College most of his life. He’s built websites, run cross-country and done an Instagram takeover. He also found time to earn a diploma.
Kwantlen's Mechatronics and Advanced Manufacturing diploma program. (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)

As automation increases, so will the demand for this job

The move to automation is inevitable, but many human hands—and brains—are needed to make those robots run. Enter the automation technician. Here are the colleges offering a way in to this lucrative career.
Matt Zeleny, an Applied Research Technologist, removes laser cut PPE face shields at the Camosun Innovates lab. (James MacDonald)

How Canadian colleges rose to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic

When COVID hit, colleges jumped in—mass-producing face shields, speed-reading studies and more
Dawson College Health Science student Arzeoo Haydari harvests greens at the theatre garden at the Dawson College campus

In a climate-anxious world, these colleges are training students to fight back

Colleges are hearing—and heeding—the call from students who want to make a more livable world and employers that are embracing sustainability