Colten Boushie

Saskatchewan officials skipped a step when they formed Gerald Stanley’s jury

The province has been picking jury candidates in a single random selection, when the law requires two. Have they opened the door to appeals?

Skyler Brown

Canada’s gun advisory committee is missing Indigenous voices

Critics are asking why a committee helping to craft firearm legislation doesn’t include those disproportionately affected by gun violence

Alberta farm shooting is a new touchstone for rural gun owners

Unlike the trial of Gerald Stanley, the case of Edouard Maurice has no apparent racial dimension. For angry property owners, it’s becoming a yardstick case.

Skyler Brown

In Saskatchewan, the Stanley verdict has re-opened centuries-old wounds

After Gerald Stanley’s acquittal in the death of Colten Boushie, tensions around the Battlefords are high, and fear and hatred are close to the surface.

To believe in justice, we must probe our sacred cow: the system itself

Opinion: Our legal system gets one thing right: justice must be seen to be done. Acquittals in the deaths of three Indigenous people show its failures

Did Trudeau cross a line commenting on the Stanley verdict?

A new Angus Reid poll shows nearly half of Canadians—and 71 per cent of people in Saskatchewan—disapprove of the PM’s post verdict tweet

Gerald Stanley’s trial highlights the colonialism of Canadian media

Indigenous scholars, activists and community members are doing the important work of situating Colten Boushie’s life and death within the colonial context

Why has Colten Boushie’s mother had to work so hard just to prove her son’s humanity?

From the moment she learned of her son’s death to the days following his killer’s acquittal, Debbie Baptiste has shown tremendous strength and courage in her fight for justice and change.

What could reform look like, after the fury over the Stanley acquittal?

Opinion: The trial over Colten Boushie’s death has re-exposed raw wounds. Is Indigenous self-determination over criminal justice the way forward?

What political leaders said about the Gerald Stanley verdict

In Saskatchewan and beyond, reaction ranged from support and sympathy for Boushie’s family to calls for reform

The Colten Boushie case and a possible ‘quick fix’ for the legal system

The lawyer for the family of Colten Boushie says ending the exclusion of Indigenous jurors can be swiftly accomplished—and Ottawa is listening

Gerald Stanley trial aftermath: How to avoid appointing all-white juries

A retired Supreme Court justice looked at ways to get more Indigenous people onto juries. Among his ideas: end ‘discriminatory use of peremptory challenges.’