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(Pictured): Iman Vellani. Photo by Irvin Rivera.

I used to dress up as Ms. Marvel for Halloween. Now I play her on TV.

“Marvel was all I ever talked about,” says Iman Vellani, a comic book fan from Ontario turned on-screen superhero

The culture wars come to comic books

Marvel Comics is experiencing a wave of anti-diversity, ’Comicsgate’ backlash, wielding blacklists and harassment—and it might be working
THE AVENGERS, from left: Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as

What if Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War flops?

Reboots, remakes and overly familiar franchises are starting to flounder at the box office. If we’re lucky, something more creative will replace them.

Will ’Civil War’ finally burst the superhero film bubble?

The new superhero orgy ’Civil War’ is a reminder that costumed heroes are everywhere at the movies. Have we reached peak comic book?
Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

What happened to Batman as a do-gooding doofus?

How a superhero meant for kids led a revolution in comic-book movies
Fiona Staples’ not-final artwork for the Archie relaunch.  Fiona Staples

Golly gee, is that . . . Archie?

The 75-year-old teen gets a serious makeover. But is it wise to mess with a beloved comic book icon?
SexCriminals 445×290

No sex in the iTunes App Store (please visit our bookstore)

A strange decision that looks like censorship
Don’t mess with Superman

Don’t mess with Superman

Super-strong and super-good, the Man of Steel has no dark side and that’s why we love him

Hostess: The supervillains have triumphed

What would The Hulk and Captain America think about a world without Hostess snacks?

5 Canadian superheroes

Get ready for the next Marvel movie with a review of comic book heroes from the Great White North.