A sign urging physical distancing when using elevators is seen in a high-rise building in downtown Toronto on May 8, 2020. (Colin Perkel/CP)

Coronavirus has highlighted Canada’s biggest urban design challenge—elevators

In cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, where condo dwellers and office-goers rely on elevators as the first and last leg of their commutes, a ride on the lift has become a risk rather than an inconvenience
Yachts and condos along the waterfront in Toronto. (Shutterstock)

When the dream of condo living turns into a dictatorial nightmare

"Gag orders" on banning complaints and annoying behaviour are just the tip of the condo craziness iceberg

Charting Toronto’s uneven housing bubble

Toronto’s real estate prices have been on a tear, but some neighbourhoods are more bubble-prone than others.
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Wait to buy or hurry up to sell?

Econowatch asked realtors and mortgage experts from Canada’s priciest cities
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Ottawa condo bans student renters

But Carleton student fights back