Vancouver House (Courtesy of Ema Peter/Westbank)

Canada’s condo amenity wars

Competition for affluent condo buyers has developers piling on frills—car fleets, meditation walls and even perks that assuage the social conscience

A sign urging physical distancing when using elevators is seen in a high-rise building in downtown Toronto on May 8, 2020. (Colin Perkel/CP)

Coronavirus has highlighted Canada’s biggest urban design challenge—elevators

In cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, where condo dwellers and office-goers rely on elevators as the first and last leg of their commutes, a ride on the lift has become a risk rather than an inconvenience

When the dream of condo living turns into a dictatorial nightmare

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Kevin Barreira Raposo

Once shy, he developed a love of heavy metal music and tattoos. He was proud to land a job building Canada’s tallest condo tower.


Condo trouble in Toronto

Housing starts are way down


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