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Is it time to abolish provinces?

Scott Gilmore: This middle tier of government makes no sense in an increasingly urban Canada, and its distorting effect on our politics will only get worse

We should celebrate Canada’s British influence, not denounce it

Don’t send laudable British legacies such as free economies, free peoples and intellectual freedom down the ’memory hole’, writes Mark Milke
Crowd on Canada Day

Canada was supposed to have 100 million people by the 1970s

A look at what the first statistical year book after Confederation said about Canada then, and in the future
Sir George Etienne Cartier. (McCord Museum)

Nation-builder: The legacy of George-Étienne Cartier

Jean Charest and Antoine Dionne-Charest on how an idealist from Quebec came to embody a certain vision of Canada
Queen Victoria

It’s time to embrace the ’Mother of Confederation’

This week marks the 150th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s granting Royal Assent to the British North America Act

Canada’s fight over ’where it all began’

P.E.I. is the birthplace of Confederation, right? Not so fast, argues New Brunswick, touching off an interprovincial squabble for the ages

How 7 foreign newspapers covered Canada’s Confederation

Say goodbye to the ’Kingdom of Canada’
A kind of chaos that is always with us

A kind of chaos that is always with us

A new book shows Sir John A. Macdonald’s politics were much like ours
The brilliant John A. biopic

The brilliant John A. biopic

Who said Canadian history was devoid of excitement?