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Lessons learned from the F-35 acquisition debacle

Defense expert Philippe Lagassé explains what the AG report means for the government, DND and public works
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Tory operatives, to the brainstormery!

FESCHUK: Subverting voters won’t be so easy in 2015. Maybe that’s why the PM has been practising hypnosis.
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Politics all the way down

COYNE: Stop crediting the Tories with scruples they show no sign of possessing
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The coming Tory majority

Conservatives could rule more than half the country by next fall. What’s behind the blue surge.
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Coyne v. Wells: Canada’s place in the world

Is the Harper government’s recent foreign policy record a sign that it has lost its way?

Does Harper have a plan?

WELLS & COYNE debate Stephen Harper’s political record, and how the PM will go down in history
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Harper is on to something in cutting aid

POTTER: "A rare case of Tory ideology actually aligning itself with sound public policy"