Contraception mans up

Men are willing to try contraception, but pharmaceutical companies have yet to invest heavily in the ‘male pill.’ Why?

Melinda Gates on ending inequalities between sexes

Gates says too many programs miss the mark because their influence on women and girls is not taken into consideration

Birth control? There’s an app for that. Seriously.

Technology has made tracking fertility a far more exact science


Students confused by emergency contraception

40 per cent would give incomplete advice


The Vatican is reining in America’s radical nuns

Nuns, who’ve been critical of the Church’s teaching feel blindsided by the move


Just saying

On her way out of town, Hillary Clinton makes clear what she’s talking about when she talks about maternal health.


‘We must not let it distract us from the great opportunity that lies before us’

Liberal Keith Martin takes stock of the abortion debate and offers a solution.

The Commons: What we’re not talking about

And how it somehow came to involve George W. Bush


Mother of all debates

The Conservatives have decided they will vote against today’s Liberal motion because a) it is “a transparent attempt to reopen the abortion debate” and b) it is critical of the George W. Bush administration.


‘That the approach of the Government of Canada must be based on scientific evidence’

As posted by Carolyn Bennett, here is the text of the motion the Liberals plan to present on Tuesday.

The Commons: Another 48 hours

Government is not closing the door on contraception: Bev Oda


The ministerial oral podectomy as a tool (ahem) of development assistance

In the House of Commons just now, Bev Oda moved swiftly to remove Lawrence Cannon’s foot from his mouth. A quick transcript: