Cool Jobs

Cool Jobs Q&A: Cake Artist

Maclean’s Cool Jobs: Alexandria Pellegrino, a cake artist at Toronto’s Cake Opera Co., describes why confidence is key in cake-making

Cool Jobs Q&A: Circus Performer

Maclean’s Cool Jobs: Cedric Belisle, who works at Cirque du Soleil Education and training, on the importance of being flexible in your career

Cool Jobs Q&A: Ski Patroller

Maclean’s Cool Jobs series: Marcus Waring, a ski patroller at Whistler-Blackcomb, explains how he climbed to the peak to get his current gig

Cool Jobs Q&A: Guide dog trainer

Maclean’s Cool Jobs series: Angela Bentivegna, who trains guide dogs for Lions Foundation of Canada, explains why her gig can be ruff

Cool Jobs Q&A: Storyboot Project Coordinator

Maclean’s Cool Jobs: Sarah Brazauskas, a Storyboot Project Coordinator, on working with Indigenous artists and gathering mukluk-making know-how

Cool Jobs Q&A: Set and Costume Designer

Maclean’s Cool Jobs: Camellia Koo, a set and costume designer in Toronto, explains how a typical day on the job is anything but typical

Cool Jobs Q&A: Second Mate

Maclean’s Cool Jobs series: Sarah Poirier, a second mate for Northumberland Ferries Ltd., on the thrill of working on the ocean

Cool Jobs Q & A: Elevator Mechanic

Maclean’s Cool Jobs series: Malcolm DaCosta, an elevator mechanic at Quality Allied Elevator, discusses the ups and downs of his career

Video: Two years, 100 gay weddings. #LoveWins

Arran Liddel, who specializes in LGBTQ unions, talks about lessons learned on the job

Video: A day in the life of a log driver

Zachary Wachowicz started working on the river at age 17. One day, he would like to run a boat instead of working the logs.

Cool Jobs Q&A: Arborist

Physical fitness—and a love of the outdoors—is necessary for arborists

Cool Jobs Q&A: Scientific glass blower

Work is both hot and cool when you’re a scientific glass technician