What Trump’s retreat really means for global climate action

How Trump’s move to withdraw the U.S. from the accord has actually resulted in the clearest call for climate action yet
Earth: the conservative option

Canada endorses tougher 1.5-degree limit to global warming

Canada supports a stiffer target at the Paris climate talks as the Liberals continue to try to differentiate themselves from the last government
metivier (1)

Behind the scenes with Canada’s lead climate conference negotiator

The Liberals want an ambitious agreement at the Paris climate talks. Meet the woman who’s trying to get us there.

Optimism not enough to ensure Paris climate deal

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Hot air at the Paris climate summit

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Maurice Strong, Kofi Annan

Remembering Maurice Strong, who tried to solve global warming decades ago

He called out climate change at a summit, decades before the latest one in Paris. Maurice Strong’s death on the eve of the conference reminds us to be skeptical.
Barack Obama

Barack Obama: ’We have come to Paris to show our resolve’

For the record: Remarks by President Barack Obama at the First Session of COP21
Volkswagen Leadership Convenes

How climate cheaters make the rest of us pay

Volkswagen may have been caught in the most public scandal. But you hardly have to own a VW to be taken for a ride.