Courts don’t have a monopoly on justice

Opinion: Many forums of judgment exist in Canadian law and democracy—and we should be imaginative about crafting new ones
Disgraced immigration judge, Steve Ellis, leaves the courthouse at 361 University after he was hande

Ten years later, a disgraced refugee judge loses his law license

A decade after Stevan Ellis tried to solicit sex in exchange for allowing a woman to stay in Canada, the former judge’s legal saga is finally over
Jian Ghomeshi And Lawyer Marie Henein Outside Courthouse

Everything you need to know about the Jian Ghomeshi trial

A cheat sheet for the most-anticipated Canadian trials of the year, with an insider look at what lawyers are saying and predicting for the case
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Is it any wonder we don’t report?

A lot needs to change in the criminal justice system before more women come forward
April 12, 2012 – Saskatchewan Peneteniary

Judging mental pain

More and more people are turning to the courts for payback for anguish
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Who’s suing whom this week

Our semi-regular round-up of the strange cases winding their way through Canadian courts
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Former Concordia professor who killed 4 colleagues loses lawsuit

Valery Fabrikant pursued civil suit against colleagues for 19 years