Former Concordia professor who killed 4 colleagues loses lawsuit

Valery Fabrikant pursued civil suit against colleagues for 19 years

A Quebec Superior Court Judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by convicted killer Valery Fabrikant against five of his former colleagues, on Wednesday.

Fabrikant first filed the suit, against two professors in Concordia’s mechanical engineering department, in 1992,  a few months before he went on a shooting rampage, which left four professors dead and another person wounded.

After the shooting, Fabrikant added three other professors to the suit, claiming that they had taken credit for his work.

The case was thrown out of court in 2007, after the judge said he could no longer remain impartial due to Fabrikant’s attitude. During those hearings, Fabrikant said his killings were justified, insulted the judge and filed motions for a larger table in the prisoner’s box. The case returned to trial earlier this year, after the Court of Appeals ruled that it had been dismissed in error.

This isn’t the only recent loss Fabrikant, who is currently serving a life sentence, has had in the Quebec courts. Earlier this month, the Court of Appeals dismissed a suit he filed against the attorneys general of Canada and Quebec. In November, he was denied leave to appeal in a suit against the prison where he is being held.