craft beer

Raising a pint to history

Archaeological anthropology professor Marie Hopwood and her team create craft beers—with names like Midas Touché, Odin’s Eye, and Chosen Chicha—based on 5,000-year-old recipes

A simple, no-fuss promise for Ontario politicians to help beer drinkers

Opinion: The Ontario election has become abuzz about how booze is sold. So why is every party leader ignoring the plan that wine and beer producers actually want?

Inflation’s a good story. Except for beer prices.

Econ-o-metrics: Don’t make too much of one month of slightly hotter inflation, but the trend bolsters Bank of Canada’s outlook

Are we seeing a craft brewery bubble, or just a frothy boom?

The number of craft breweries in Canada has exploded over the past few years, driven in part by government subsidies. Is this a beer bubble about to burst?

Bellwoods to Bandit: Toronto embraces craft beer

Microbreweries enrich hyperlocal economies across the city

What it feels like to can beer at an Ontario craft brewer

Go behind the scenes at Toronto’s Left Field Brewery to see how their craft beer gets canned. You’ll get thirsty just watching those Ontario-made ales shuttle along the assembly line.

Craft breweries bubble up all over China

Unique beers like Airpocalypse IPA are on tap in the world’s biggest, and most polluted, beer market

A Belgian beer by way of Beamsville

Crazy craft-beer Canucks are going wild with fermentation in an Ontario winery