Cultural Appropriation

ART Appropriation Debate 20170507

How some people are missing the point on cultural appropriation

It seems increasingly clear cultural appropriation’s champions aren’t interested in nuance or even free speech—they’re interested in hegemony
Bayne speaks to journalists outside the courthouse in Ottawa

One way forward, after Canadian media’s ’Appropriation Award’ fiasco

Now what? Andray Domise on what’s at stake in the wake of powerful Canadian editors and columnists calling for an ‘appropriation award’
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How to talk about cultural appropriation

Andray Domise explains why it’s long past time for the conversation to evolve.
Jonathon Gatehouse

How a cancelled yoga class stretches the point on cultural appropriation

The University of Ottawa’s yoga classes weren’t debasing anyone’s culture. But we lose nothing by listening, rather than overreacting hastily.
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The Mikado’s punishment doesn’t fit the crime

Outrage finally descends on Gilbert and Sullivan’s popular Orientalist operetta.